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Submit job

Step 1. Select the files you want to submit

Step 2. Select the settings for the job(s) and press the Print button to start printing.

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Help about the Submit Job page

The Submit Job page allows you to send one or more files to the printer.

Recommendations for best performance:

  • Submit the job from the same computer that stores the files.
  • Use the latest version of your browser.
  • The browser should be connected directly to the printer, without a proxy.
  • HTTP 1.1 should be used rather than HTTP 1.0.
  • HTTP can be significantly faster than HTTPS. You may need to change the printer network settings to allow HTTP.
  • A 100baseT LAN is essential for fast throughput.

Note: If you have a popup blocker installed, you may need to disable it for this Web site in order to submit jobs. If you observe that job submission is slow, it may be due to interference from other programs, such as firewalls.

Many options are available; however, the same settings are used for each file. To submit the file(s) with your settings, click the Print button.

If using Internet Explorer for Windows, click the Add file button and select the files you want to print. With other browsers, enter the name of the first file. To add more files, click the Add File button. The software does not check that the file is in a supported format: PDF, PostScript, HP-GL/2, TIFF, RTL, JPEG, CALS G4. If the file is not in one of these formats, it will not be printed successfully.

Note that PDF and PostScript printing is available with PostScript printers only.

File size is limited to 2 GB for job submittal.